Financing the property

As a general rule, you only have to contribute 20% -25% of the real estate acquisition amount and to provide for the financing of the transfer tax. (See table of application)

By purchasing on plan, you can also make a contribution as you go.

Funding can be made from your home country or from Portugal. The rates are of the same order as in the other European countries. The guarantees requested by the Portuguese banks are of the same type as in the majority of European countries.

The information also (tax declaration of the last 3 years and attestation of the salaries)

The majority of banks are represented in Portugal, so you can call on your banker to organize your credit if you wish. In this phase, we will provide you with the necessary support with banks that are recognized in the market so as to facilitate purchasers’ actions and allow them to benefit from competitive rates. If you wish, we forward your file to a few banks with which we have relations.

Again, transactions located in the euro zone are greatly facilitated.